cosmicprank aka Thomas Dente is a rapper and producer from San Luis Obispo, California.

cosmic’s childhood was punctuated by frequent surgeries and deaths of friends/family members. The voices in hip-hop became his many surrogate fathers. He originally was a scratch DJ, which transitioned into DJing parties/events, and he also had stints as a graffiti artist. Upon moving to Santa Cruz, CA after high school, he made many friends and associates involved in the rap battle scenes in Los Angeles and Oakland.

Having always liked to freestyle rap, his now deceased Santa Cruz housemate Phil “PostPre” Lanzbom taught him how to produce music, something he’s carried on with since. His story is also one of battling, and overcoming, countless instant gratification addictions he used to cope with his life. He now feels stronger than ever, with the abilities to rap, sing, produce, mix, master, market and create visual art all under his belt. Expect constant releases from him in the 2020s ☄️